Florence Nightingale’s Memorial Week (9th to 12th May ) at Hoima, Uganda

Every year, Uganda officially hosts a memorial week to respect and honour Florence Nightingale, for her great contribution to this world for Nursing care.

Delmaw partnered with the Nursing Association of Uganda, to organize a lecture on Hygiene . Adeline Mathew was a guest speaker at the event, addressing a gathering of 1000 Doctor’s and Nurse at HOIMA.


On the World Environment Day, as a part of CSR, Delmaw organised an event to spread the awareness on the Adverse Effects of Deforestation and the Importance of Afforestation and Reforestation.The event also included the activity of planting 300 trees, in Entebbe. Senior personnel from Delmaw conducted educational sessions on the relevant topics, in alignment with objective of the event.

Anti Malarial Campaign Week from 20th to 25th April, 2015 (WORLD MALARIA DAY)

It is a campaign in Uganda by joining hands with UGANDA MEDICAL COMMUNITY for creating crusade against MALARIA.
Every year DELMAW participates in this event. Indeed, well thought campaign to create mass awareness and how to reduce mortality